Easiest Way Of Sending Bulk SMS

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Easiest Way Of Sending Bulk SMS

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Do you want to grow your business? Here we are going to tell you the exact way via our blog, The easiest way of sending Bulk SMS to your leads via SMS Gateway API, Then advertising is the only way that can spread the knowledge about your company or product. There are a number of modes available to advertise your company; sending bulk SMS is also a mode of marketing. Do you want to use this method to make available knowledge about your company to the existing as well as for new customers? We are going to learn how you can integrate your landing pages with an Indian SMS provider. We will get to know how to trigger SMSautomatically? There is a number of SMS provider who will allow you to send bulk SMS via API. These SMSs can also be sent manually from inside the dashboard of your SMS provider. But, it can be done only a small number of customers; but if you have to send it to a large sum of people in a day then?

Here comes the need to automate the sending SMS. For this, You have to make a GET request on the HTTP API URL of the SMS Gateway. Then, you will have to pass the data as the phone number and the SMS to this URL. In this way, an SMS will be triggered from their server to the requested phone number. But the easiest way to send SMSs via Google Sheets when someone becomes lead via your landing page. The SMS can be sent to a mobile number which is registered on DND service. But, one point to remember is that when you are going to purchase bulk SMS packs, first make sure you buy Transactional SMS packages. For this, you need a Zapier.com account. The cost of this setup is not very high. A free sign up for a 14-day trial account is available to them; but, after that, you have to pay $20/Month for their basic plan. You need to have an account with SMSHorizon.in or you can create an account with similar kind of Gateway. Providing The easiest way of sending Bulk SMS to your leads via SMS Gateway API is just a cakewalk Now.
After doing so, you will have to contact them for approving your account for transactional SMS. Also, you can get a sending ID of 6 characters which will appear as the ‘From’ name in the SMS. One point is to remember is if you get lower volumes of bulk SMS purchases, cost per SMS will be high; But, if you get higher transaction volumes, the cost per SMS will cut down to lower rates.

Here are the steps which are involved in the bulk SMS sending :

  1. Set up your SMS Gateway account on SMSHorizon.in or Msg91.com or you can use other similar service providers. You will get sent SMS report and HTTP API.
  2. You should get a Zapier account for sending bulk SMS and saving data on Google sheet. It can run 3000 tasks a month as the basic account runs tasks once in 15 minutes.
  3. Make sure that you have saved all your leads to Google sheet by Zapier automation or direct integration. These lead can be obtained from social media, SEO, landing pages. Further, these leads can be used to trigger the SMS.
  4. The last step you have to take is to set up web hooks in your Zapier to trigger SMS to the leads.
  5. This is how you can send The easiest way of sending Bulk SMS to your leads via SMS Gateway APII.

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