The easiest way to accelerated Mobile Pages- Google’s AMP

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The easiest way to accelerated Mobile Pages- Google’s AMP

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In the modern era, as the development is reaching a high peak the dependency on a mobile phone is increasing. A smartphone user touches his phone several times a day. According to a study, on an average, a smartphone user spends approx 145 minutes daily using his cellphone. This dependency is because of the services which are available on the internet. Almost all kinds of services which you are required for are available on the internet as online shopping, online Banking, and other services. Also, if you want some information about a topic or anything, Google and other search engines are there to help you. This is done by SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). in this Blog we will describe The easiest way to accelerated Mobile Pages via Google’s AMP.

The AMP Project is launched by Google, that has responded the mobile search. This project accelerated the Mobile Pages. The AMP is specifically designed for the Publishers so that they can build web pages that will load more quickly on mobile phones. First of all, you need to know about The AMP Project. Let’s talk about The easiest way to accelerated Mobile Pages via Google’s AMP

How can we define AMP?

The AMP enables the content to load instantly by removing coding of JavaScript on the page. Also, it priorities the content based on the text, then loads additional content. This open source initiative is launched by Google. The main reason behind is to improve User Experience(UX). This is beneficial for the millions of mobile searchers throughout the world.

The AMP was also launched to compete with the Facebook instant articles or the Apple news. Google has established partnerships with several publishers from different fields to start the use of AMP on its content as Twitter, Buzz feed etc. It also highlights the web pages and articles in Google Search which are built with AMP.

The web pages with AMP have a pretty fast loading speed. The articles with the lightning bolt AMP can appear in the topmost priority in the result of the search engine’s page.
Now we will talk about why AMP is required and how it is impactful on mobile search?

The topmost benefit of AMP we can consider is the improved user experience. When a mobile user or searcher finds any information for which he was looking. It has been said that the loading time for loading an AMP Formatted page is approx. 0.7 seconds. If we compare to other web pages, then they take almost 22 seconds to load the web page.

The importance of AMP :-

No one has free time to wait for the loading of the web page when they required information. So, more than half of the site visitors spend only 15 or less than 15 seconds on a website before starting navigation to the site. In this regard, AMP has a huge impact. It attracts the customers to the publisher’s ability on their blogs and landing pages. It has been found by Google that if any website is taking too long for loading, then the user of the smartphone will move to the next site. Now from the above discussion we conclude that The easiest way to accelerated Mobile Pages via Google’s AMP is very simple and logical.

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