The SEO mistakes that could penalising your site

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The SEO mistakes that could penalising your site

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No one receives a site penalty knowingly. It happens because of black-hat techniques or because of negligence and sometimes it gets to appear due to honest SEO mistakes. Here, we will go through the common mistakes that we are doing in SEO and which are penalising our website. In this blog  will explain The SEO mistakes that could penalising your site.

• Link-influenced Business relationships : –  Almost all the businesses have to business with other business. So, they create a business relationship. For making this relationship much strong they offer one another to create links. Which are in the form of back links or hyperlinks. These links give some advantages in search engine marketing. These links enhance the SEO and traffic for PPC models. But sometimes these links end up by hurting either one or the both sites. This problem can only be solved by removing the links which have created troubles. This is the main reason for The SEO mistakes that could penalising your site.

• Affiliate linking : – Affiliating linking can help SEO but it can also destroy it. All depends on the implementation of affiliation of linking. It can give your SEO a quite nice platform or it can also diminish it. Many SEOs get trouble with the question that how to deal with link affiliation. Online affiliate relationships can be counted as big business. The most advantageous thing about them is, they are spam free. Companies get engaged in these relationships without thinking for penalising but if a company goes into it carelessly then they can get a bit trouble. Companies can avoid it by using a trusted affiliate relationship provider. If you do not have the skills to create and affiliate links from scratch then this is best suited to you. If you have relationships with huge organisations, create a dedicated landing page for them. They will get help in protecting your site. You need to keep on testing all your affiliated links from time to time. For better site integrity, the best option is to check each and every affiliate link and make sure that it is functioning properly. If there is any broken link found, make sure that a permanent redirect has been created.

• Influence Outreach :- Another powerful SEO strategy is influence outreach. You can find some famous influences and you can make a request to get links, audience exposure, and many more other benefits. Although there are several search engine algorithm updates but influence outreach is in also. But if the low-authority niche is targeted by the influence outreach then the back links can compromise the site. If you are using influence outreach then choose your target carefully. If you have to choose a low-authority and spam my niche, ask influences to un follow the links.

• The niche of guest blogging :-  if this is done in a correct way, guest blogging will be an awesome experience. Last year SEO world blew up with the news that blogging was largely used as a link building platform and it has become spam my. So, we need to do guest blogging with a purpose not only for link building.

By keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors, you can avoid mistakes that could lead to a penalty to your website. Unfortunately, it is not quite easy, but it is also not so hard to implement. We hope this blog about The SEO mistakes that could penalising your site will helpful to our readers to achieve their goal.

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