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Service Find Technology – The Leading Service Providers of Pay-Per-Click

Service Find Technology is one of the leading providers of Pay-per-Click services. We have always believed in utilizing dynamic PPC methods that are fit for bringing up the desired marketing goals.

Creating organic results are important for latest ventures. Regardless of executing all new SEO strategies, the outcomes don’t come as expected. By joining your natural traffic methods with key pay per click administrations you can expect colossal picks up instantly. At Efflorescence, we give all of you expected framework to finish this errand.

Why Choose Us?

We state your advertising objectives, keywords in focus, and accessible business finances before proposing a gainful PPC offer. Our primary objective is to stress your benefits while acquiring enormous convertible traffic for your business. We offer highly result oriented, and practical pay per click service at incredibly competitive charges. So you can shield your cash and promotions for a much-qualified web activity, brand value and enhance business.

Building up a perfect organic and paid campaign may resemble an errand, yet it is shockingly simple. When you outsource the work to us, you can expect a vital mix of finest SEO and Pay per Click services. Being a promising digital marketing company, we can build up the most beneficial promoting campaign for tremendous profits.

So what are you waiting for? Give another definition to your paid promotional campaigns and target right group of clients with ServiceFind’s vital Pay per Click Management service.

  • Understanding the business

The key to a perfect marketing plan is to start with understanding the business. It’s very important to understand the solution offered, the target audience, area of operation, current marketing efforts, etc. depending on the information, we move on to craft a perfect plan.

  • Keyword Research

Based on the offerings we come up with the seed keywords and then move on to grow the list of keywords with more intent based keywords. The final keywords are selected based on the insights on number of searches and relevancy.

  • Website Preparation

Once we are ready with the keywords, we do a thorough website analysis and make a report on the shortcomings and the changes, improvements, and action points we will need to convert a visitor to a buyer. Additional codes are added for tracking and analysis of the campaign.

Account Set-up

Once we are ready with the website and other data like keywords and geographies, budgets, timelines we move on to setting up the campaign which includes writing ad copies, designing creative, setting up audiences and ad groups.

  • Going Live 

After the initial structural set-up, a very controlled campaign is launched and is monitored closely. Necessary tweaks are made to optimize the campaign for best results, This phase also involves testing and improvising. Post the initial run, a full-fledged campaign takes shape while optimization of the same is a continuous process.

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